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Employment Specific Information

By Clicking the Submit button on any job application on this website, I agree to the following:

  • I understand that The Epicurus Group may require me as a condition of employment or continued employment to submit to a test for the illegal use of drugs at any time, and I hereby consent to such tests. I also consent to take any physical examinations of any type, including but not limited to tests for alcohol or drugs, that may be requested by The Epicurus Group (1) following an offer of employment and prior to commencement of work; and/or (2) during the course of my employment to the extent consistent with applicable law. I understand that any such examinations will be performed by a health care professional designated by The Epicurus Group, that The Epicurus Group assumes no responsibility for advising of the results of any such examinations and that any information obtained through such examinations may be retained by The Epicurus Group and is exclusively The Epicurus Group’s property. I further authorize any health care professional who performs such an examination or who has other information concerning my physical, mental or other medical status to release such information to The Epicurus Group.
  • I understand that any false answers or statements or any misleading omissions made by me on this application or in connection with the processing of my application or in responding to its requests for information, including but not limited to false answers or statements or misleading omissions made during any physical examination, can be sufficient grounds for my rejection as a candidate for employment or for immediate discharge.
  • I understand that any employment I might be offered by The Epicurus Group is of indefinite duration, and that either I or The Epicurus Group could terminate that employment at any time with or without notice for any or no reason and that no agreements to the contrary will be recognized by The Epicurus Group unless in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of The Epicurus Group.
  • I understand that none of The Epicurus Group’s practices of policies are to be construed as imposing any binding obligations on The Epicurus Group, and that they are subject to change or deletion at any time.

Reference Release Form – I also, by submitting a job application on this website, do hereby authorize The Epicurus Group to seek from school officials, doctors, previous employers, and other persons, firms or institutions, and further authorize the persons, firms, or institutions contacted by The Epicurus Group to release it to any and all information in their knowledge or possession pertaining to my employment history or my qualifications and ability to work at the above-named job, including but not limited to information and opinions pertaining to the nature of my former jobs and job duties, how I performed those duties, my salary history, my attendance record, my character, my academic record, my physical ability to work and any performance, behavior, attitude or other problems or good points perceived by them. Further, I authorize The Epicurus Group to seek from any and all law enforcement agencies having information about me to release reports concerning any investigations, any and all documentation, test results, or information or any type obtained from any source during the course of investigations. I also consent to be fingerprinted by The Epicurus Group personnel and/or appropriate government agency personnel. I release, promise to hold harmless and covenant not to sue The Epicurus Group on the basis of its attempts to obtain any of the foregoing information, and I further release, promise to hold harmless and covenant not to sue any persons, firms, institutions or agencies providing such information to The Epicurus Group on the basis of their disclosures.

I understand that consulting/outside employment may not be undertaken on that portion of time covered by federal grants or contracts. I further understand that this request applies only to that portion of my time for which I am employed by The Epicurus Group or any of its divisions or units. I agree to furnish reports and additional details of employment as required.

I certify that there will be no conflict of interest between this outside employment and my responsibilities as an employee of The Epicurus Group. I also certify that as a consultant/employee of The Epicurus Group, I shall immediately notify The Epicurus Group of any job offers made by any client or client’s representative that would violate the terms of my employment with The Epicurus Group.