Robert Angelone is Chairman of The Epicurus Group and serves the company as Publisher and Chief Economist. Included within the Group is a management consulting division; bank consulting; an economics and political science think tank and publishing division – publishers of

Mr. Angelone holds a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Economics from the University of Rome, a Master’s Degree (International Economics) from the University of London, School of Economics (LSE) and the Grand Diplome from both Le Cordon Bleu, Paris and Le Nôtre, Plaisir, France.

The Asbury Park Press has credited Dr. Angelone as the originator of the Capital Injection Program implemented by the British, Italian and later American governments. Following the original vote in the US House of Representatives which failed in September 2008 to pass the first TARP proposal, Angelone proposed an injection of capital backed by preferred shares. He is known to and respected by economic leadership at the Federal Reserve, US Treasury, FDIC, British Exchequer, World Bank and EU Central Bank.

The Epicurus Institute has, at his direction, a 97.3% accuracy record in predicting the economic changes occurring on a daily basis around the globe. Twice weekly, Dr. Angelone participates in an economic conference call with finance and economics professors at the London School of Economics. He credits that success rate to those calls and the participating academics and business professionals.

During Dr. Angelone’s time in Europe (1977 to 1986), he lived primarily in London, with short stays in Paris. From 1977 to 1984, he was a Managing Director of Grindlay’s Merchant Bank, an historic British bank with extensive branch operations in India. His responsibilities included analysis and client management of the bank’s high end hospitality, foodservice and retail clients. During this period, Dr. Angelone worked with such companies as The Savoy Hotel, The Dorchester, TrustHouse Forte, Le Gavroche and Conran’s. Grindlay’s was sold to ANZ Bank in 1984, when Mr. Angelone became a consultant to the bank until 1986.

His role at the bank included analysis of the client’s operation, cost management, policies and procedures and operational standards.

In September 2001, immediately following the 9/11 tragedy, Angelone, working with Tom Valenti of Oeust Restaurant in New York, helped to raise funds for Windows of Hope, a foundation created to help families of the victims of the destruction of Windows on the World restaurant in the World Trade Center. More than 70 families were affected when employees in that landmark eatery, and the neighboring hotels and restaurants were killed. Angelone rallied hundreds of restaurateurs around the world to donate small percentages of their earnings of October 11th, that year… raising more than $300,000 in total of the $5 Million raised.

In April 2002, Mr. Angelone was awarded the Pontifical Order of Saint Gregory the Great by the Vatican. The award is one the highest honors issued by the Vatican. He is the third chef in the history of the order to have received this decoration, the others being Auguste Escoffier and Paul Bocuse. The award is usually given to persons of great notoriety, diplomats and persons who have performed great services to the Vatican. Other notable Americans to have received the award include Ricardo Montalban, Roy Disney and Mary Higgins Clark.

In 2004, Dr. Angelone was awarded the Order of the Oaken Crown by the government of Luxembourg for his work in developing ‘de Luxem’ a new cheese produced from recipes and production planning by Epicurus. This new product launched on European store shelves in late 2005. Over the years, Mr. Angelone has received more than 25 honors, awards and decorations for his work including the Palmes Academiques, the Legion d’Honneur, Order of Malta, and Italy’s highest honor, The Grand Cross of The Order of the Italian Republic (see bottom of list) and others.

Under Mr. Angelone’s direction, The Epicurus Group has become a well-respected consulting service and advises governments and businesses alike. By giving Epicurus a global reach, we are now able to serve clients around the world. His direction and leadership have caused many hoteliers, celebrity chefs and food experts to join our firm as consultants.

Euro-African Economic Conference, Nairobi 1989

Euro-African Economic Conference, Nairobi 1989 – Dr. Angelone may be seen in the lower, right corner, leaning over the delegates to the table.

In 1996, following an 18 month project developing one of the first Internet cafes, Mr. Angelone created, a consumer food, travel and dining site. Rated by Restaurant Report in 2006 as 3rd most popular hospitality site, tied with both and This site has grown to a portfolio of more than seven websites. From 2003 to 2004, under Mr. Angelone’s personal direction, Epicurus Publishing produced the first all-digital consumer food and travel magazine. Not a website, but a downloadable modified PDF file, Epicurus Magazine set the stage for hundreds of other established food and travel magazines to enter the world of digital publishing and changed the landscape of publishing, making it possible for future magazines to enter the market as digital, not print publications. Read the Media Post article.

During his term at that Internet cafe, one of the first four in the United States, and first to receive a high food rating in the Zagat Survey, Dr. Angelone was quoted in many publications, and even a college thesis.

Over the years, consulting clients looking for detailed answers and industry insight, planning and logistics that make sense have sought his analytical skills and reports. He has written more than 830,000 pages of reports and related content over the course of his consulting career.

Currently, the company is focused, via The Epicurus Institute, on economic reform and is advising Members of Congress and the Administration on economic policy and procedures. The Institute provides Epicurus Consulting with up-to-date economic and financial statistics, analysis and resources. Credited as authoring three distinct sections of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street and Consumer Reform Act of 2010, he is highly regarded for his non-partisan economic analysis on Capitol Hill.

Today, more than 60 consultants participate in the Epicurus Group, networking through software developed for one of the company’s business websites. This permits our consultants to share documents, resources, contacts and schedules. There are presently four websites serving the needs of The Epicurus Group, including (the parent company), (the consulting services), (the think tank) and (the financial consulting division).

Dr. Angelone has worked with many of the leaders in the lodging and restaurant business in the United States, England and France and is a trained chef. His successes are noted in articles mentioning or quoting him in The New York Times, NY Daily News, Times of London, New York Newsday, Market Watch, Times-Herald, Wall Street Journal, Le Figaro, The International Herald Tribune and as well as many other websites and publications.

Over the course of the past 31 years, Epicurus has been at the forefront of the Food and Beverage world, developing recipes and food products and promoting such concepts as “Food with an Address” (food that is traceable to source), Fair Trade and Organic products. Some of the recipes developed included the Lobster Club; the Yuppy Float; Bacon and Angels in the Morning and others.

Who is Who in Hospitality ( lists him as a leading expert in hospitality, lodging and economics. He is respected by the more than 23,000 members of that organization as an authority in economic forecasting, lodging planning, human resource management and foodservice. Arun Sawhney of that group wrote “Robert is telling us about the storm ahead in 2009 and as pilots of our planes we ought to brace up to ride safely through it; for our own, our employees and our businesses’ sake. He has presented us with a macro picture which will serve us all as a useful guide through 2009.

His travels have taken him to Africa, Asia, throughout Europe, to Canada, Mexico and around most of the United States.