The Epicurus Group was formed in 1978. It has grown from a single, small management consultancy serving the needs of the banking and hospitality industries to an international network. Our consultancy units operate as a collective group of individual, licensed consultants working within the framework and parameters set by this, the parent company. Individual consultants are selected to participate based on skills, specialized services and resources. Each consultant participates in our group framework, online and off, with support for projects provided via the unit management, primarily, and corporate, secondarily. Clients benefit greatly from this method as they do not have to hire individual consultants for different tasks. Our management brings in short-term work for each specialized task required.

Over the years, The Epicurus Group has expanded into a diverse range of work, including publishing ; documentation; banking services; operating a research institute; and a well respected consultancy. The parent company serves to organize these into cohesive, smoothly run entities, each able to independently stand, but work in unison with the others for positive results. Our diversified interests have placed us in an exceptional position to assist our clients with extraordinary service and dedication, with unparalleled resources.

Our mission is ambitious: to help clients make lasting and substantial improvements in their performance. As you explore this site, we hope you get an insight into the enormous resources – people, knowledge, and capabilities – that we have committed to our clients and to the members of our firm.

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