Grilled Cheese with Bacon Sandwiches
Say Cheese! celebrates March by saying “Cheese”, one of mankind’s oldest foods. An adored product around the globe, there is hardly a single region of the planet that does not produce some form of cheese. With thousands of varieties to select from, and the United States the world’s largest producer of this glorious food, we thought it only appropriate to focus this month on a wonderful product enjoyed by billions around the world.

The Egg and PanEver growing, has become one of the oldest existing food sites continuously running. Operating since 1996, the site is home to well over 8,500 food recipes, 3,400 cocktail and mocktail recipes, and over 15,000 glossary definitions as well as a huge compendium of food facts and cooking resources.

“Cheese is one of our favorite foods” said Joe Davis, one of our principal writers. “We decided to focus considerable attention on this great product and celebrate its great diversity of flavors, textures and uses”, he added.

Each month, pays particular attention to a particular food or cooking style. Feel free to visit the website, and enjoy the site ‘Where great food begins’.

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