The LEMAC Process

International ABS Risk Solutions

Whether the securitizations your lending institution originates come back in the form of a lawsuit depends greatly on your ability to trust impartial eyes to review your originations prior to closing.

The Epicurus Institute, working with Harrison Prescott, created a unique process for the evaluation of risk in loan originations that may be used to give investors in Asset Backed Securities detailed asset-level analysis. Unlike any other process out there, this system identifies risk in such a manner that investors can regain confidence in individual ABS purchases, or in pools.

In God We Trust SpiralsIn a system based on trust and the good faith and credit of institutions, even our own governments, it is imperative to maintain the maximum level of confidence in those who invest in our economy, whether they’re buying bonds, asset backed securities or investing in new enterprises. Without confidence, the entire system can grind to a sudden halt, putting the world into a global negative spiral of declining confidence.

Our process ensures that investors will regain their confidence in the ABS market by providing much more than raw data or ratings of pools or CDOs (collateralized debt obligations).

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