The Epicurus Institute has redesigned its website, designed to permit us to take a more active role in analysis of news that impacts our clients.

Epicurus Institute LogoThe new site is intended to be much easier to use, with many of the same quality of services and resources as the previous site. Navigation is improved, and it is considerably faster to load. We are continually adding more and more resources to the site to ensure that our visitors and clients have an optimal experience when viewing the site.

Previously, the site contained a number of articles posted with great difficulty from a central core publishing script, with dozens of other scripts supporting the site. Now, using a single framework, everything falls under one program, with a much easier capacity to publish articles.

We have planned to update and improve all The Epicurus Group’s family of websites.

Please visit The Epicurus Institute often, for outstanding in-depth analysis of news that can affect your business or your daily life.