Robert Sloop is eminently qualified to deal with extensive financial services issues, and to manage a wide range of financial transactions, some atypical from the normal type of professional services company such as The Epicurus Group. He is someone with broad expertise in banking, finance, public offerings and other matters, in addition to accounting principles and practices.

Prior to his extensive foodservice background, Mr. Sloop was CFO for five institutional hedge funds with over 500 million in assets under management and CFO of two publicly traded post secondary educational companies. He began his career as Controller and Operational Director of Design Circuit Inc. an international lighting and design firm which completed over 75 projects totaling over 300 million in new construction, producing such world renown venues which included, Underground, New York New York, Infinity, Copacabana, Régine’s and Le Mouche.

At present he is acting as Chief Executive Officer of Kaizen Management LLC, a New York based management consulting firm specializing in process improvement, cost reduction, and financial infrastructure re-engineering.

He currently holds an MBA in Accounting and Finance with a minor in Management Information Systems from Pace University and is a Certified Network Engineer.

With an ever watchful eye on expenses, Mr. Sloop will be the watchdog for all expenditures, ensuring that revenues are prudently put to positive use for corporate growth and stability.

As a business consultant for many years, Mr. Sloop, has the expertise to control costs and to ensure that accounting processes are handled in a most professional manner.